About Us - Car Insurance Claim Panel Workshop Johor

Mr. Oh Eng Tek is director of Bengkel Memateri Kenderaan Tek Yee Sdn Bhd. Mr. Oh, though young in his age, he made up for it through the many years of hard work, dedication and being adaptable.  He started working at the age of 14 in a small workshop and evolves with it over 31 years.
During this time he learn and has many years of experience moving from mechanical work, panel beating and even spray painting. He was also expected to be on call to tow breakdown vehicles at night.  Due to his dedication, he was practically left to run and manage the business then.
About Us
He started Bengkel Memateri Kenderan Tek Yee Sdn Bhd in 1996 on his own from a small rented premise providing only service and maintenance. Seven years into business, he is now authorized panel repairers for 23 Insurers. A numbers of major clients and also appointed panel to provide towing service to six companies.
His good business foresight and management skill takes him to higher level and in early 2002 he bought a factory lot to operate his workshop. He now has about 25 staff working for him.
He is always upgrading himself to make-up for lack of education. Over the many years, he has acquired many accreditation for his skills and management ability.

Our Vision

Aspires to be the best car repairers in Malaysia that helps to solve every cars’ problem.

Our Core Value

Safety is always the main concern for our company, we always do regular checking on the car repaired and manpower reliability to ensure every customer received their car in good condition. Besides, our services is relatively complete from engine, panel beating, spray to car wash.

Accreditation of Skills Certificate

  1. Kursus Pertahanan Awam
    • Conducted by Pertahanan Awam Malaysia
  2. Corporate Directors’ Training Programme
    • Conducted by Companies Commission of Malaysia
  3. ICI Autocolor Course (Professional Skill Training Basic Level)
    • Conducted under The ICI Autocolour Training & Development Programme to promote the highest quality standards and excellent customer service.
  4. Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia – Pengetuk Panel Kenderaan Rendah (Tarap 1-3)
  5. Penyata Pencapaian Penyeliaan Tarap 3
  6. Kursus Induksi Pegawai Pengesah Dalaman Bagi Pelaksanaan Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia Melalui System Pertauliahan
  7. Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia – Penyembur Cat Automotif (Tarap 1)
    • ( 4 – 7) accredited and conducted by Majlis Latihan Vokasional Kebangsaan Malaysia
  8. Certificate of Participation – Supervisory Skills (Kemahiran Penyeliaan) for Level III
    • According to National Occupational Skill Standard (NOSS) organised and conducted by the Johor Automobile Repairer Association.

Pending Accreditation of Skills Certificates

  1. Spray Painting - Level 2 & 3 + Supervisory Course
  2. Mechanic - Level 1, 2 & 3 + Supervisory Course

Corporate Status / Legal Entity

Type of Company:   Workshop( maintenance / repair / breakdown services )
Date Established:   07.10.2004
Ownership:   Director
Years in Operation:   15 years
Business Licence No:   668548-K
Municipal Licence No:   L0204005
Service Tax Licence No:   60848
PIAM Approval Repairer’s Scheme

PIAM Approval Repairer’s Scheme

Regn No: J 0068
No of Yrs: since 1997
Johore Automobile Repairer’s Association

Johore Automobile Repairer’s Association

Regn No : 0136
No of Yrs : since 1997